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Risa Wada

RISA WADA, Japanese Culture inspired emerging Malaysian-based artist skills in Contemporary Art with an application of flat acrylic painting. A non-based art skill and self-visualised, she has embarked on her childhood dreamt as an artist. 


In her late 40s, 2016, she publishes her first Wild Desert Cactus Collection. An artwork she inspired from the moment of her cat – Toro gazing at the cacti continuously. 


She flickers and contemplates Toro sights world around him. Simultaneously, her curiosity in Mother Nature peaked as she imagined how the soul or spirit in cacti, plants, and trees remain unknown to humans, as though they are aliens.


Progressively, She mixed two common aspects of life: Mother Nature and Human Emotions. She curated a figure, ANIMA appearance throughout her artwork as a point of view.

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